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Intentions, purposes and copyright

With the passing of time, the use of officinal herbs and plants is subject to fashion, habits, dizzy and changing lifestyles.
Traditions thus get lost; a grandmother dies bringing with her the secret of a tea; a family abandons its mores; a country undergoes modernization. Some traditions and habits, some herbs and their properties are suddenly forgotten.
It’s often the case of popular medicine which hardly defends its few and most widely used recipes from the development of patent medicine.
Old habits, lost over time, are not always replaced by new ones.
Plants virtues are forgotten, even in the countryside which is far from city life “… and yet, when the grandmother was feeling bad, that’s what she used to do and when I was a baby she used to heal me like this…”
Who puts herbs in the shoes or in the cap anymore? Who makes marjoram infusions for headache or treats cough with stinging nettle infusion and blood pressure with mistletoe?

Indeed, it can be just the small plant I have on my balcony to contain the active ingredient to treat my disorder. It can even be more effective than the drugs I would buy at the chemist’s. My grandmother maybe knew it very well and used it many times in her life but I had no time to remember it.
Then, let’s do something. Let’s exploit the infinite power communication has in our century, and let’s recover our forefathers wisdom so that those who are interested in an old custom can acknowledge it or save an ancient custom of their family from oblivion by suggesting a recipe or a remedy, which will come again with a new look into mass awareness.

The aim of this small website is to use all its strength to spread folk knowledge about officinal herbs and our traditional remedies.

This button is here to allow whoever is interested in it, to offer his voluntary support to this project.

The recipes of HerbsForHealing, the tips and remedies of the connected sites are passed down and sent by users, without testing their effectiveness. For this reason, before trying them, we suggest you to take all necessary precautions. It’s responsibility of the single user to assess the content. The website, therefore, can not be responsible for any eventual damage or loss.

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This website is not a newspaper since it’s updated without any regular periodicity. Therefore it can not be considered a publishing product under the italian law n°62 of the 7th of March 2001.
The site pages contain data, information, news and photos taken from public, personal or oral sources and, as far as I know, they are not protected by copyright. Some images, where it’s specified, are under Creative Commons licence.
Some texts, on the contrary, could be protected by copyright, but where it was impossible to go back to the source, against report, I will remove the content.
For this purpose, I ask for users cooperation so that I can receive reports of any possible complaint.

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