Rimedi Naturali con le erbe medicinali

Healing with cabbage

Cabbage leaves, applied to an abrasion, help healing it more rapidly.

For cough, boil a cabbage leaf in a cup of milk.

Cabbage leaves can be warmed and applied, if they are not too hot, to the parts affected by rheumatic or muscle pain.
Use them at least twice per day.

Anti-cellulite bath with ivy

Ivy leaves slowly boiled in 3L of water for two hours can be used to make anti-cellulite baths.
Cotton wool compresses soaked in a decoction made of 100 g (3.52 oz) of fresh leaves are equally effective. Boil in 1 l of water for 15 minutes and apply to affected parts at least three times per day.

Strawberries beauty mask

Strawberries, besides being a tasty fruit, can be effectively used to prepare a beauty mask: squash 100 g (3.52 oz) of wild strawberries properly cleaned with a wet cloth soaked in a spoonful of liquid honey.
Put it on your face for at least 15 minutes by remaining lied down and then rinse.
Finally use a light tonic lotion or rose water.

This mask is very effective even for rosacea problems. For the same purposes, strawberry leaves properly cleaned and crashed in a mortar can be used. They must be applied to the affected part.

Leaves infusion (50 g – 1.76 oz), standing for 10 minutes in 1l of boiling hot water, can be used to heal chapped hands.