Rimedi Naturali con le erbe medicinali

Recipes against arteriosclerosis

Olive action on vasodilatation and blood purification is interesting to fight arteriosclerosis.

Olive leaves decoction for arteriosclerosis: boil 20 olive leaves in 300 ml of water until reducing it to 200 ml. Drink slowly.

Soaked garlic for arteriosclerosis: let 50 g (1.76 oz) of cut garlic soak in 200 ml of 60% alcohol for 12 days, taking off the sprout from the cloves. Take 1 tsp every night or every morning on an empty stomach in 2 inches of water (it can be sweetened and, if you want, you can use marsala wine instead of alcohol).
It’s excellent also to low blood pressure.

The recommended foods to fight arteriosclerosis are: onion, milk, honey, yolk (egg whites clog the arteries), grapefruit, lemon and tomato. Avoid wine, coffee and tea for long time.

Alcohol over consumption

Eating a lot of cabbage helps in fighting alcohol side-effects in people who are used to drink or have drunk too much.
Milk and honey too are helpful to sober up.

Remedies for breathlessness

Passionflower extract and valerian drops are remedies.
Hawthorn decoction is a heart tonic. Have hot baths to feet and hands.
Being in the open air as long as possible surely is a helpful remedy.

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