Rimedi Naturali con le erbe medicinali

Beauty care remedies with spices: cellulitis

Cinnamon essential oil is helpful for microcirculation, whereas massages with cinnamon help draining and muscles stretching.
Therefore it’s an excellent remedy against cellulite: add 2 drops of cinnamon essential oil in a tbsp of sweet almonds oil and massage the affected parts.

A remedy for oily hair

A remedy for oily hair consists in using an infusion made with a handful of juniper berries in 1 l of hot water in the final hair wash rinse.
You can warm it a little bit before using.

Coriander skin scrub

Coriander seeds stimulate digestion and reduce belly swelling.
Chopped seeds are helpful to remove skin dead cells too (scrub): a tbsp of rice flour, one of sweet almonds oil, one of chopped coriander seeds.
Use this mix to massage your wet skin by circular movements.

A remedy for gastritis and stress colitis

Passion flower nux vomica can be helpful for people suffering from gastritis or stress colitis: 30 drops in half a glass of water before meals for one month.
The disorder should improve after one month.
If symptoms persist, go to see a doctor. There could be a different cause.

Willow decoction against the flu

We thank an anonymous user for his comment on flu remedies where he suggests the use of willow.
Here we suggest willow bark decoction which produces salicin, the same agent of aspirin.
Therefore it’s an antipyretic, antirheumatic and analgesic remedy.
It is effective in case of flu but also of migraines.

Soothing parsley and compresses for bruises

Use compresses of parsley leaves crushed and cooked in wine for bruises.

Roots decoction is prepared with 60 g (2.11 oz) of roots in 1 l of water.
It is diuretic and analgesic.

A remedy for gout, lymphatic and biliary diseases

Celery decoction is recommended for gout, lymphatic and biliary diseases.
Boil 5 g (0.17 oz) of celery roots in 1 l of water.

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