Rimedi Naturali con le erbe medicinali

Yellow gentian to make your freckles disappear

Yellow gentian root can be used to prepare an infusion which can make freckles disappear and your skin white and unbroken: just apply it with compresses, for example, every morning.

A remedy for calluses and corns

Calendula crushed fresh leaves are a good remedy to make calluses and corns disappear.
Apply to the affected part.

Remedy for nose bleeding

People suffering from nose bleeds can treat them putting cotton balls soaked in this decoction in the nostrils: boil 30 g (1.05 oz) of equisetum in 1 l of water for 8 minutes.

Camphorated alcohol and oil, Dalibour water

Camphorated alcohol can be helpful to treat sprains, bruises, neuralgia, to make massages and rubbings.
You can prepare it melting 7 g (0.24 oz) of ground camphor in 100 ml of 90% alcohol. It’s stimulating and antiseptic. Keep it in hermetic bottles. Do not use in children younger than 30 months.

Camphorated oil is another very interesting product which is often used for massages by sportsmen. It’s made with 90 g (98.9 ml) of olive oil and 10 g (0.35 oz) of camphor.

Dalibour water is very potent on skin diseases, spots, acne and impetigo. It strengthens skin defences. It’s prepared in this way:
Light Dalibour Water: 1 g (0.03 oz) of copper sulphate, 3.5 g (0.12 oz) of zinc sulphate, 1 g (0.03 oz) of saffron tincture, 10 g (0.35 oz) of camphorated alcohol, 1 l of distilled water.
Strong Dalibour: use the same ingredients, increasing copper sulphate amount to 10 g (0.35 oz). Apply it twice per day and only once when the condition improves.

Camphor is very useful also to keep insects like mosquitoes at distance.

Camphor crystals are produced from the wood of majestic camphor trees.

Treating otitis and earache

I suggest you two remedies for otitis and earache:

The first one is based on chamomile: warm a little bit 2 tbsp of olive oil with a handful of chamomile flowers. Then soak a cotton ball in it and apply very hot to the sore part.

The second remedy for otitis is based on garlic: crush a garlic clove, mix it in a tbsp of oil, warm it a little bit on a radiator (or even only in a glass with hands) and put some drops in the ear. Garlic, thanks to its antibiotic and antiseptic properties, acts on the inflammation. Stay laid down on the opposite side. After few minutes let it drain away and wash it carefully.

An excellent diuretic and sedative remedy: asparagus

Asparagus was called by Plinius the “wander for the belly”.

Prepare an asparagus decoction, boiling 25 g (0.88 oz) of roots in 1 l of water for half an hour. Drink a glass of it before meals. It has great diuretic and purifying effects and perfectly replaces chemical diuretics.

Asparagus can be used also to prepare a sedative. Boil 100 g (3.52 oz) of asparagus ends in 1 l of water for half an hour. Drink three cups after meals. It’s better using wild asparagus officinalis. Asparagus is not recommended for people suffering from gout, rheumatisms or lithiasis.

Extracting herbal principles as if you were making a coffee

A particular and easy way to extract and get herbal principles, is the espresso procedure, nothing more than the one used to make an espresso coffee.
So it will be enough to have an espresso pot (moka) to use exclusively with herbs and with cut and ground herbal mixtures.
It will be necessary to be particularly careful about herbs origin. They must come from biological farming, that is they must be completely without pesticides and other chemical substances, because 50-70% of pesticides are dissolved through watery extraction.
For a medium flavour, fill half of the pot filter, adjusting it according to the desired flavour.

A remedy against bronchitis and airways inflammation

Prepare this infusion against bronchitis and airway passages inflammation.
 Let the following mixture infuse in a cup of boiling hot water for 15-30 minutes:

50% of sweet verbena leaves
15% of chamomile flowers
20% of eucalyptus leaves
15% of thyme leaves and flowers

 Drink a cup of this infusion whenever you need it.

A laxative decoction

Against constipation, boil a tbsp of this mixture in a cup of hot water for 15 minutes:

40% of althea (marshmallow) leaves
30% of liquorice
20% of fennel seeds
10% of rhubarb root

Drink this decoction in the night, except in case of severe constipation.

Angelica recipes for pregnant and underweight people

According to the legend, it was the archangel Raphael to spread the medicinal virtues of angelica. Actually it was believed to have healing power for almost everything. They believed it made life longer.

Here is a tonic recipe for people who are too slim: let 40 g (3.52 oz) of angelica leaves infuse in 1 l of boiling hot water for 10 minutes. Drink a cup of this infusion after meals.

And here a recipe for pregnant women which, thanks to its passed down healing power, helps ensuring the good health of the baby and his mother. An infusion prepared with 20 g (0.70 oz) of dried root or fresh stalks. Let them infuse in 1 litre of boiling hot water for 10 minutes. Drink one cup per day. Never drink more than three.

Garlic soup recipe against hypertension

Garlic soup is a very helpful dish to adjust arterial pressure, both high and low.
Fry some chopped garlic cloves in a little bit of oil.
Boil in 1 l and 1/2 of milk and switch the fire off as soon as it starts boiling. Mix it with two whisked yolks, add some salt and pepper and serve it on dried bread slices.

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